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We have been supplying fuel cards since 1994 and are an independent family owned company.

We offer fuelling facilities and fuel card savings throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland for businesses of any size.

Fuel Cards eliminate the need for carrying costly fuel stocks. Because of its extensive station network, drivers can fill up around the country at a time and a place that best suits them.

Businesses also benefit by paying one great price for fuel at each authorised filling station across the country. Discounts of up to 6 pence per litre on pump prices can be obtained.

Card holders consistently get a better price than pump price.

Fuel accounts are paid by direct debit and advantageous credit terms are available.

Our customers receive a detailed invoice and full transaction breakdown giving details such as date, time,vehicle registration and location. This allows the business owner to monitor all drivers.

Our Fuel Cards can be embossed with the vehicle regisration or driver name and only fuel can be purchased using the cards.

We first established the UK fuel card. Since then we have also grown a large market share in Ireland.

Even more fuel card benefits…

If you need diesel fuel cards for the UK or Ireland then you have arrived at the right place!

Fuel Cards

Get Multiple fuel cards

Have as many individual cards as you need for your fleet, and it all links tidily back to one account.

Fuel Cards

Secure PIN access

All cards are PIN protected and only fuel can be purchased on our cards

Fuel Cards

One monthly statement

Your invoice shows a complete transaction breakdown showing date, location, time , registration etc. VAT approved invoices.