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Our Ireland Fuel Card offers a service for on-road fuelling throughout Ireland (North & South) for all sizes of business.

Many of the locations offer a 24 hour – 7 day service featuring the latest outdoor card terminals coupled to high-speed pumps. These HGV friendly facilities are located at strategic points along main trunk roads, giving a combination designed to minimise the time spent refuelling. The sites are polled on a daily basis and the information collated to produce detailed management reports that can be used to monitor individual vehicle performance.

Quality branded fuel at rebated prices (lower than pump price). Contact us for a quote.

  • Large site network (1300 locations inc over 250 in N Ireland and coverage in all border areas)
  • Many 24 hour fully automated sites
  • Monthly Itemised billing showing date, time, quantity, vehicle registration etc. to enable cost monitoring and control
  • PIN number operated for security
  • Only diesel can be purchased with the card
  • Available to both small and large businesses
  • E-Billing if you wish to receive your invoice by email

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Even more fuel card benefits…

If you need diesel fuel cards for the UK or Ireland then you have arrived at the right place!

Fuel Cards

Get Multiple fuel cards

Have as many individual cards as you need for your fleet, and it all links tidily back to one account.

Fuel Cards

Secure PIN access

All cards are PIN protected and only fuel can be purchased on our cards

Fuel Cards

One monthly statement

Your invoice shows a complete transaction breakdown showing date, location, time , registration etc. VAT approved invoices.