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About Us

We are a long established leading supplier of fuel cards for the UK & Ireland & Europe.

We supply fuel to all types of business. From 1 van to a fleet of lorries.

We have been established for over 27 years and have huge experience in the fuelcard industry servicing thousands of customers. When you open a fuel account with us you are assigned a personal account manager to look after your account.

All our cards are free.  Just pay for the fuel you use!

You can also manage your account and view your transactions at all times through our online portal.

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The problem with many fuel card providers is that they don’t provide enough support or have complicated signup processes. This lack of support can lead businesses to shy away from fuel cards. And when you need help, it can be hard to get in touch with someone who knows what they’re doing. Fuel Cards from us simplify this process by allowing you to manage all of your fuel cards from one online account portal. A Fuelcard can be a very effective way of managing your fuel costs.

Benefits Of UK Fuel Cards For Businesses

There are many benefits of fuel cards for businesses. They help you reduce administrative costs and increase efficiency by eliminating the need for drivers to keep receipts. They also provide valuable information about fuel usage and can be used to calculate rebates. You can easily monitor your fuel usage by keeping a record of each transaction and comparing it to the previous month’s expenditure. European fuel cards also save you time and money by reducing your need to sort through hundreds of receipts from different countries.

If you run a fleet of trucks, fuel cards can help you simplify costs. CSC fuel cards offer reporting software, allowing you to monitor every transaction and find any misappropriated spending. If several drivers use a CSC fuel card, the report will detail who used the card and when. This tracking helps you catch any wrongdoing quickly. In addition to monitoring your fleet, fuel cards make it easy to track each truck’s performance in your fleet.

Tracking and Limits

If you have employees who use your fleet, fuel cards can be beneficial for you. You can keep track of their fuel spending. A company can even implement purchase controls to prevent fraud. With this accountability measure, your employees are more likely to follow your guidelines and stay on task. Moreover, you can limit how much you allow them to spend on fuel each day, week, or transaction. Another advantage of a business fuel card in Ireland is that it makes it easy to manage your costs and track the performance of your drivers.


A UK fuel card can help you cut down on administrative costs. In addition, you can easily monitor your fleet’s transations online. This automatic accountability means that you won’t have to collect receipts every time you fill up a vehicle. Furthermore, our fuel card company offers account management services, allowing you to see your total expenditures from a central location.


Using fuel cards is safer than keeping receipts. Drivers no longer need to carry large amounts of cash, and you can easily pay for everything with a fuel card.  Each card is PIN protected and can only be used for fuel.  Your fuel purchases will be tracked in your account. It is not just the drivers who benefit from using a fuel card but also the business.

Fuel Card Benefit Summary

The benefits of fuel cards are many. It is easy to manage your business’s fueling costs and save you thousands of euros over the long term. Moreover, employees can use their company’s vehicle to travel and save money. It can be convenient and safe for your company to provide their staff with a fuel card. You can even assign one to each driver and cancel it at any time. You can also set a daily limit for each employee.

Our Fuel Card Company – Who We Are

Getting started with Fuel Cards is easy – just sign up for an account today! At the Fuel Card Company, we’ll send you a free starter kit with everything you need to start managing your company’s fuel spending. From there, it’s as simple as adding additional vehicles and employees through our online portal. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy some more time doing what matters most – running your business!

For many years, we have been one of the leading suppliers of fuel cards in the UK and Ireland.  Through us, you can purchase fuel for any type of business with our cards. Whether you need fuel for one vehicle or a whole fleet, we can supply it.

Our company has been in existence for nearly 30 years. We have vast experience servicing thousands of customers with fuelcards. You will be assigned a personal account manager when you open a fuel account.

There is no charge for any of our cards. You only pay for the fuel you use while using our cards.

Why Choose

Our fuel cards are suitable for HGV, LGV & Cars, and we have an extensive site network with more than 3,500 sites. With our online management software, you can manage your fuel account 24/7, view transactions, invoices, etc. With our resources, you will have all your fuel transactions on one handy VAT-approved invoice. We have more than 27 years of experience and thousands of customers.

Perfect for fleets of cars, vans, and HGVs

  • One of the UK & Ireland’s oldest business fuel card companies
  • Easy access to over 3500 nationwide service stations
  • Competitive fuel pricing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Convenient fuel management online
  • No fees or charges at any time
  • Flexible Payment terms
  • Cards can be embossed with the driver name or registration

Fuel cards reduce the need to carry cash, collating receipts, and increase efficiency by providing detailed invoices for all drawings. We are the leading supplier of fuel cards for Europe, Ireland, and the UK. We can supply fuel for all businesses. We can provide fuel for one van or a fleet.

Contact us today to become more efficient with your company fueling.

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Fuel Cards

Suitable for HGV, LGV & Cars

Large Site Network - Fuel Cards

Large Site Network

Over 3500 sites. Many HGV friedly

Online Management - Fuel Cards

Online Management

Manage your fuel account 24/7
View transactions, invoices etc

Save Time - Fuel Cards

Save Time

All your fuel transactions on one handy VAT approved invoice.

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Fuel Cards by Fuelcards.Com

Fuel cards eliminate the need for drivers carrying cash and collation of receipts,  increasing efficiency by providing detailed invoices and reports for all drawings nationwide.


Perfect for fleets of cars, vans and trucks

  • One of the UK & Ireland’s oldest business fuel card companies
  • Easy access to over 3500 nationwide service stations
  • Competitive fuel pricing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Convenient fuel management online
  • No fees or charges whatsoever
  • Flexible Payment terms
  • Cards can be embossed with driver name or registration
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