Fuel Card Europe

When running a fleet outside of the UK, your drivers need the assurance of being cash-free. For European HGV transport fleets, our international CSC Europe Fuel Card is perfect.

Fuel is available at over 14,000 sites in 32 countries across Europe and Asia, with the number of locations constantly growing. In addition, your drivers can fill up on most major European trunk roads and significant national border crossings, including all major branded locations around Europe and Asia.

The CSC Europe Fuel Card is the best choice for businesses that travel to mainland Europe.

Ideal for hauliers travelling to mainland Europe, this card offers competitive pricing with a hotline available 24/7 to answer any queries you or your team may have. Our hotline provides a multi-language call centre for customers and drivers alike for peace of mind.

We also offer a site locator mobile app completely free of charge for when your drivers may be in an unfamiliar area.

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Let Us Fuel Your Success

Ideal for hauliers who travel to mainland Europe

Worldwide Cards

Europe Fuel Cards accepted in 32 countries

Easy Access to Stations

Accepted at a network of over 14,000 service stations across Europe and Asia

Free Cards

Our Europe Fuel Cards are free of charge

Online Management

Online portal to manage your account

Competitive Pricing

Competitive fuel pricing

Hotline 24/7/365

Multi-language call centre for customers and drivers