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The CSC Fuel Card Ireland provides on-road fuelling services across Ireland for businesses of all sizes. Many of the sites offer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the most up-to-date outdoor card terminals and high-speed pumps.

In addition, many of the locations are strategically situated along major roads, resulting in time saved on fueling up throughout long journeys. The sites are polled daily, and the data is compiled into detailed management reports that you can use to track individual vehicle performance.

All leading fuel stations accept our card, including Applegreen, Emo, Maxol, Circkle K and Texaco.

The CSC Fuel Card is one of Ireland’s most widely used fuel cards. You’re never far from a CSC site to refuel; it has been used by industries North and South for many years. Although it is one of Ireland’s leading fuel cards, the CSC Fuel Card can also be used in mainland GB. With access to over 1,450 stations North and South, your drivers will never struggle to find somewhere to fill up. We also provide a site locator mobile app completely free of charge.

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Ireland Fuel Cards

A card from us is a good choice if you’re looking for a fuel card that’s easy to use, simple to manage, and offers an excellent value for your company.

In addition to Applegreen, Circle K, Texaco, Top, Maxol, Londis and Esso Service Stations all across Ireland, this card is accepted at most other leading fuel stations. Consequently, you do not have to worry about multiple cards or drivers carring cashs – just a straightforward solution to all your fueling needs! Aside from the ability to monitor individual vehicle performance, you can also track mileage, cost per mile, and much more through our detailed management reports.

Our Fuel Card offers

Our Fuel Card offers one card for all of Ireland (Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland)
There are several advantages to using Fuel Cards, such as VAT-approved invoices, an online management system, and a dedicated account manager. Businesses of all sizes can apply for our free fuel cards.

FuelCards.com is one of the most popular fuel card suppliers in Ireland. It is also an excellent option for HGV usage. The card can be linked to the vehicle registration number, making it easier to track spending. Moreover, it reduces administrative work, such as the gathering of receipts.

Use right across Ireland

CSC Ireland Fuel Cards can be used at many locations across Ireland, which are strategically located along major roads
There are multiple locations where you can use the Fuel Card if you need fuel. . For a seamless experience, you have unlimited access to a huge network of  stations and access to a personal account manager.

At present, there are more than 1,450 locations across Ireland that accept our Fuel Card.

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Perfect for vans, HGVs and cars

Ireland’s Leading Cards

Ireland’s leading business fuel card

Huge Network

Easy access to over 1,450 stations both in North & South

Free Cards

Our Ireland Fuel Cards are free of charge

Online Management

Convenient online fuel card management

24hr Sites

Many sites fully automated 24hrs

Site Locator App

Handy site locator app for smartphone