Using business credit cards can support expansion and boost staff productivity.

1. Make sure you have sufficient working cash to expand

Any company’s growth is terrific, but it also entails danger. New business can be more expensive at first because you need to pay suppliers and bring in more staff, materials, and vehicles. As a company grows, its expenses and costs of doing business grow with it, sometimes exponentially: new business can be more expensive at first because you need to pay suppliers and bring in more staff, materials, and vehicles.

Working capital can be strained due to these higher upfronts and ongoing expenditures, with the added difficulty that individuals in charge of the company wind up spending more time managing capital than on new contracts, which can negatively impact the company’s performance.

Many experts anticipate that the economy would develop fast following the extended periods of lockdown. According to new research by Deloitte, chief financial officers’ economic confidence is at its greatest level in 13 years, indicating that there are several prospects for firms. But to move quickly and take advantage, you need cash flow.

A business credit card can help you be more flexible while also relieving the strain on your working cash. You can buy yourself time by utilising them to pay suppliers and costs, allowing your working capital to be utilised to fund expansion and target growth prospects rather than service spending.

2. Focus on growing your business rather than paying expenses

The amount of time you have to handle every part of your business will be tested in the coming months, whether it’s reorganising how staff work from the office and at home, sourcing new suppliers, finding new clients, or managing development.

3. Gain more control over who spends and on what 

Your workers have most likely been working from home for some time, or you’re in the process of rehiring them after a furlough: In the last year, 11.4 million workers were furloughed from 1.3 million different companies.

When they return to work, it takes some time to get back into old – or new – habits. As a result, they may need to re-learn excellent procurement skills and a better grasp of how they may spend their money.

4. Give your firm the freedom to take off

To expand, you’ll need the flexibility that allows your workers to buy and pay for what they need, no matter where they are. This opens up new possibilities and boosts productivity. But only within reason: a “blank check” might be counterproductive.

So offer them a widely recognised card and can be connected with expenditure management software so you can keep track of spending and find new areas of efficiency and savings. At the same time, your workers can go back to work and not squander your company’s time and money.

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