As one of the leading suppliers of Fuel cards across the UK and Ireland, we believe fuel cards carry various different benefits for businesses. Whether your company operate 1 van or a fleet of lorries, there is an option for everyone, and our experts have extensive experience in selecting the most appropriate for you. So, what is actually beneficial about them? 

1. Cashless

In an era where cash is becoming less dominant, using a UK fuel card removes the hassle of paying with cash or your own personal bank card. Not only are they convenient, but fuel cards are safe and secure for those who travel. Remove the stress of carrying large sums of money and potentially losing it by utilising one account across an entire company. 

2. VAT approved

Having to hold onto every receipt as a driver can be a nuisance and sometimes causes issues when claiming VAT back. With a fuel card, this is not a concern because when your receive your monthly invoice, it will already be VAT compliance. 

3. Control your spending

Depending on what fuel card you select for your company, you have the ability to control what it is used for. You can set limits on what kind of fuel is purchased and which station it is from, which will help reduce the chances of fuel fraud. As well as that, if you want to manage your business costs effectively, putting a cap on certain purchases will help you do so. 

4. Reduces administrative work

You can forget having to keep a record of all your fuel receipts. With a company fuel card, businesses can reduce their paperwork load as everything is handled through one account. At, we assign a personal account manager to look after your account, which provides even more efficiency. No matter what size your business is, your admin will receive one invoice with all the payments – so it saves everyone’s time and stress! 

5. Tailored solutions

Fuel cards do not operate on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. offer different cards depending on your needs. Factors such as the size of your business and the scale on which you travel come into consideration when selecting the most appropriate card. So, whether your business uses cars or HGVs, we have a solution for everyone!

6. Flexibility 

With our fuel cards, you don’t have to worry about being restricted to certain stations, our network consists of over 3000 sites including various HGV and 24-hour locations. Many of our sites are strategically placed along main routes so chances are, we have your journey covered! In regard to admin, enjoy the flexibility of managing your account and viewing transactions 24/7 through our online portal

Does this sound like the right option for your van or lorry drivers?  Get in touch to see what type of fuel card suits your business and a full rundown of the benefits!