At the beginning of the year the UK Government announced their trade deal with the European Union. This provided information for businesses and trade organisations on what they could expect to see change. One industry that took great interest was the fleet industry as many companies travel from the UK to Europe. In this article you can find everything you need to know about how Brexit will affect your business travel. 

Border checks

Ensure your drivers are prepared for checks at the borders. According to the UK Government, you may need to show proof of your return ticket and that you have enough money to stay. As well as this your UK passport must be at least 6 months in date so make sure if you require a new one you apply as soon as possible!


Get used to be asked for a ‘green card’ as you will need one on your arrival to Europe! A green card is a document provided by your insurer which basically proves that you are insured for the journey. Your insurance company can provide this upon request or if your documents are stored in an online portal, you will be able to download it there. 

Vehicle certification 

If your journey is less than 12 months, then you will need to bring your vehicle logbook (V5C) just like before. This will be necessary if you’re stopped at a port or while you are driving. If you do not have a V5C or perhaps need to update it, ensure you do this well before your journey as delays can be expected due to COVID-19. As well as that, UK law still applies to a UK-registered vehicle and therefore it must be taxed while aboard, have a valid MOT and be insured.  

GB Stickers

If your number plate already displays the Union Jack flag, you do not need a GB sticker. If your vehicle number plate has any of the following:

  • A Euro symbol
  • A national flag of England, Scotland or Wales
  • Numbers and letters only – no flag or identifier

You will need to display a GB sticker clearly on the rear of your vehicle. However, if you are travelling to Spain, Cyprus or Malta, a GB sticker must be displayed no matter what type of number plate you have. 

You can read the full requirements here.

Fuel cards can also be of great use when it comes to foreign currency fluctuations as your drivers will not have to worry about claiming money back. As a leading UK fuel card supplier, we offer fuel cards within the UK and Ireland. So, if you have any concerns regarding your business travels, get in contact and we will find you a solution.