Unless you are in the fleet industry, you might not know what a fuel card is or how it works. Cards types range from company fuel cards to sole trader fuel cards, but they pretty much work all the same way. This article will answer any questions you might have about how a fuel card works and what the benefits are, so keep reading!

How do fleet fuel cards work?

For individuals who operate a fleet of drivers within their company or perhaps a sole trading business, fuel cards enable drivers to fill up their vehicles at certain stations within our network of over 4,000. The main benefit is the fact that no cash or credit/debit cards are required as once the individual pays at the station with their fuel card, it is automatically billed to your company. This means drivers do not have to claim back their expenses and your admin team don’t have to worry about keeping track of receipts.  

Who can use fuel cards?

Any business large or small can apply for a fuel card. This means whether you run a large company or are a sole trader, you are eligible. Fuelcards.com offer fuel cards for vans, HGVs and cars so we have every fleet covered!

What are the benefits?

  • Cashless – enjoy the freedom of being able to swipe and go with no concerns about having enough cash to pay. 
  • VAT approved – Holding onto receipts to claim VAT back can be a nightmare when they get lost. However, when you receive your monthly invoice from us, VAT is included. 
  • Controlled spending – You can set limits on what your drivers are able to purchase which reduces the chance of theft or fraud. 
  • Less administrative work – Fuelcards.com assign a personal account manager to manage your account. You can also access all your invoices via our online portal.
  • Flexibility – With access to over 4,000 stations in the UK and 1,450 North and South of Ireland, you will have the flexibility of stopping almost anywhere along your route. We also ensure stations are HGV friendly!

Read the full benefits here.

How to use a fuel card at a station 

  1. Stop at one of our filling stations on your route
  2. Fill up your vehicle with the appropriate fuel
  3. Present your fuel card at the cashier
  4. Provide your vehicle registration and mileage (if your business records this data)
  5. Payment will be taken via your fuel card and once authorised, you may have to sign. 
  6. Your driver can hold onto their copy of receipt.
  7. Your fuel card is automatically billed to your online account where you can find a record of the purchase.

Want to find out more about fleet fuel cards? Check out our other articles which will be able to help you. And if you’d like to enquire about fuel cards for your company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!