It might sound crazy putting “cars” and “better for the environment” in the same sentence considering the damage they do to the environment. Car exhausts emit a wide range of gases into the air which contribute to global warming and harming the environment. HOWEVER, we all need cars to live and to get through our daily routine. And did you know that company fleets are more efficient than private cars? Here’s why.

  1. Monitor mileage 

If your business operates a company fleet and uses fuel cards, you will be able to see how many miles a week your drivers are stacking up. This can contribute to your overall sustainability plan as it can provide ways in which you can decide how to cut down on mileage. Perhaps you might think of alternative routes or try to minimise the number of journeys your business has to take. 

2. Choose your fuel type 

If you’re thinking about starting up a company fleet then you need to consider whether you will be using diesel, petrol or electric cars. In general, diesel engines are more efficient and use 15-20% less fuel which means it’s cheaper overall. They are also more environmentally friendly than petrol cars as the produce lower CO2 emissions which can also put you in a lower tax band. 

3. Plan your routes

If your company has weekly routes for dropping off or picking up goods, a fleet is extremely beneficial for the environment. Try to reduce as many stops as possible by sending your drivers on planned out routes. filling stations are also situated along main fleet routes therefore, your drivers won’t have to go looking for one – which saves more emissions! 

4. Necessary journeys only 

Company cars are used for one purpose – business. So, whether you are travelling to meetings, delivering goods or selling door to door, you will always only be making essential journeys. As you are using the company’s fuel card and essentially, their money, you also won’t feel the need to make irrelevant trips. This all contributes to reducing your mileage and overall, reducing CO2 emissions. 

5. Travel in groups

Instead of employees using their own cars and travelling separately, a company fleet is beneficial for travelling in groups. If you only need one car for the journey, you are saving miles which is beneficial for the environment and saving your business money! 

So, if you want your business to move in the direction of sustainability, then a company fleet is a great start. Fuel cards work effectively within fleets whether it’s HGVs or cars as you can manage your mileage and costs. With, this information is at your fingers as we provide an online portal where you can manage your account 24/7! Get in touch today to find out more.