When businesses think of fuel cards, they might think it’s an extra investment and task added to their to do list. However, it’s quite the opposite! It’s a convenient way for your fleet drivers to purchase diesel or petrol and also saves your business money in various ways. Here are the top ways fuel cards can cut costs for your company. 

  1. Monitor fuel spending

Utilising fuel cards enables your business to see where your money is going. If there is a need to restrict your cash flow, this is the best way to understand your budgets. This can be easily done through fuelcards.com online portalwhere you can check your fuel spending anytime you want. 

2. Control purchases

A fuel card enables your business to restrict purchases and mileage that are non-work related. This can help you claim VAT back on fuel related purchases. Controlling your driver’s spending’s can ensure that no one abuses the use of their fuel card and that your money is protected. Fuel cards can also only be used at certain stations which means there is less chance of fraud being committed.  

3. Reduces admin workload

The huge benefit of choosing a fuel card with fuelcards.com is that we offer an online portal to all our card users. By using our portal, you don’t have to worry about collecting receipts from drivers and it’s a much more efficient system. This means that you can access your account with all your invoices 24/7 which reduces admin fees.

4. No receipt errors

Say farewell to searching for missing receipts as they are all stored on our online portal! Loosing receipts can cost your business money when trying to claim VAT or when calculating monthly costs. With digital invoices you will be able to download receipts and file them yourself. 

5. Free to apply

Many fuel card suppliers come with hidden costs when signing up, but not with fuelcards.com! Our cards are free across the UK and Ireland, just fill in a few questions for us and we can find you the best solution!

6. Strategically located stations

With our fuel cards, you don’t need to worry about drivers searching for a station which wastes more fuel and money. Our nationwide service stations are purposely located along main routes so that they are highly accessible for drivers. With 3,000 to choose from, drivers won’t have to take a detour to refuel! 

Our fuel cards are perfect for company fleets of cars, vans and HGVs and have many other benefits besides saving your business money. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.