It is crucial to maximise your fleet’s efficiency whenever it is possible to support effective fleet management. While this principle sounds simple, it can be challenging for managers to identify all areas that can improve fleet efficiency. Below, give you the best ways you can increase the efficiency of your fleet. 

3 Ways to Increase Fleet Efficiency

1) Use Fuel Cards

When it comes to maximising fleet fuel efficiency, fuel cards are a game-changer. They allow you to track fuel consumption and mileage across your entire fleet, allowing you to pinpoint the drivers or routes that use the most fuel. You can strategise ways to improve fleet fuel efficiency in the future with this information, and drivers will feel more accountable.

Some fuel cards offer discounts per litre of fuel (a great way to keep your fleet budgets down). Even in stable economics, fuel prices fluctuate constantly, so it is beneficial to maintain fleet fuel efficiency by keeping costs as low as possible.

You will have access to an online fuel card account as a fleet manager, allowing you to easily monitor and download the activities. Optimising your fuel data and reducing administrative time improves the fleet’s efficiency.

2) Vehicle Health Monitoring

Another way to improve efficiency for your fleet is to keep up with vehicle health monitoring. We consider this to be one of the most essential management aspects for running your fleet. Your vehicles are a necessary expense and an important asset, which means that having a solid knowledge of your vehicles’ health is essential. 

Preventive maintenance is essential to reduce the likelihood that fleet safety standards are not followed or broken. It disrupts the vehicles and reduces the efficiency of the fleet, and creates repair and rescue costs. 

Also, ensure that you refer back to your fleet budget when a vehicle repair check is undertaken. As a manager, you must critically consider if it is worth replacing an older vehicle because it can be more cost-effective and more efficient than repairing it.

3) Go Digital

It is all about reacting and adapting to effective fleet management. Maintaining modern technology, for instance, is often an efficient way of enhancing fleet efficiency. First of all, consider the number of paper documents and files you rely on. Digitising your files and records will allow you to save time, organise and search for information, and save your administrator’s time. You also save on office space, paper and filing systems costs. You can improve your fleet budget by minimising these costs.

Secondly, consider how viewing your data through our online portal can be used to increase fleet efficiency. It is a great place to begin using the fuel cards’ online reports and dashboards. More accurate information on vehicle location and performance can also be used in advanced telematics.

Thirdly, vehicle inspections are compulsory for most commercial fleets. You will drastically reduce paperwork and save valuable time using a digital app that integrates with your telematics or fleet management to carry out such tests.

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