Using a UK fuel card comes with various benefits. However, not many people are aware of these which has led to some misconceptions about using fuel cards. If you are thinking of using a fuel card for your business’s fleet, let us break down some of the common myths. 

What is a fuel card? 

A fuel card is an alternative payment method to credit or debit cards and cash when paying for fuel. They are commonly used within businesses who operate a fleet of drivers. It enables companies to track spending, monitor mileage and file payments more efficiently. 

Common misconceptions about Fuel Cards 

  1. Fuel Cards aren’t accepted at supermarkets

Many people think fuel cards can only be used at independent filling stations. However, this is UNTRUE. At, our cards can be used across 3,000 locations including HGV friendly stations and 24-hour locations. Our fuel cards can also be used at participating supermarkets, so you don’t have to worry about struggling to find a spot to refuel!  

2. Fuel Cards cost extra

Some businesses see fuel cards as a burden and an extra cost to their budgets, which isn’t the case. Our fuel cards are completely free and will only be a huge benefit to your business. If anything, fuel cards can save your business money due to being able to track spending and avoid any miscalculations. 

3. Fuel Cards are only for businesses

This is partly true. Fuel cards are used widely by businesses who have fleets of HGVs and cars. However, did you know sole traders can also use fuel cards? Each solution is tailored for your company no matter what size it is. 

4. Fuel Cards require extra admin work

Fuel cards essentially don’t add any more work to your admin’s daily tasks. They can actually reduce administrative work due to everything being processed digitally. For example, offer an online management system where you can find your monthly invoices which are available whenever you need them. This means you don’t need to chase receipts from drives, instead you can check in your own time. 

5. Fuel is cheaper in the morning 

If you’re missing extra minutes in your bed in the morning just to fill up the tank, we suggest you give yourself the extra rest. This theory comes from it typically being colder in the morning, which means the fuel will be denser and you could potentially get more into your tank for no extra cost. This may be hypothetically slightly true; however, it has no real benefit that’s worth missing extra minutes of sleep!

So, now that we have debunked some myths surrounding fuel cards, are you ready to take the more efficient approach for your fleet? If you have any more queries about fuel cards and how they work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch